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Save the Planet 2016 highlights the new Circular Economy approach in SE Europe

Save the Planet 2016 highlights the new Circular Economy approach in SE Europe

Running from 5 to 7 April 2016 in the Bulgarian capital, Save the Planet is a timely reply to the present environmental challenges and a flagship event in SE Europe. It is organized by Via Expo.

A focus of the 7th edition is the ‘circular economy’ approach in tune with the new global trends. It will encourage foreign companies to enter the Region and showcase in a cost efficient way a wide range of technologies covering the whole process of waste management: treatment, transport, collection, disposal, recovery and recycling. They will have on opportunity to collect qualified prospects with key industry players from the industrial, commercial and public sectors in the Region. The format ‘exhibition-conference’ creates the best B2B environment for a beneficial performance.

The 2016 Edition at a Glimpse:

∙ 5% discount till 10 December on the bare area and free promotional options for the exhibitors which applied participation till 10 December.

∙ Save the Planet will feature a strong international presence of companies which will showcase global solutions for local challenges (71% of the participants were from abroad in 2015).

∙ Expected Italian Group Participation.

∙ For 7th year in a row Austria is a long-term supporting partner. An Austrian Pavilion will be realized.

∙ Practice-oriented topics, case studies and discussions: upcoming circular economy package, the role of bio- and plastic waste for the achieving a resource-efficient society. Invited speakers from the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD), European Demolition Association (EDA), Plastics Recyclers Europe, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water, etc.

The Programming Period (2014-2020) and the engagements of state and non-EU members in SE Europe to reduce, reuse and recycle waste stimulate them to accelerate the investment in the waste management infrastructure and to improve the local legislation as well as to take adequate policy measures.

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