Camec 2023
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Doppstadt presenta il nuovo trituratore Inventhor Type 9

Doppstadt presenta il nuovo trituratore Inventhor Type 9

Una nuova concezione per una nuova generazione di trituratori.

Il nuovo trituratore industriale Inventhor Type 9 Doppstadt sarà presentato in anteprima mondiale all'Ifat 2018 di Monaco.

La macchina è ideale per il settore del recycling, riciclaggio rifiuti, legno, biomasse, rifiuti misti, rifiuti industriali, ecc.

The INVENTHOR Type 9 is the first machine in an entirely new generation of Doppstadt shredders. Everything, from the drive to the housing and the quick-change tools has been designed with an eye to the future. The new VarioDirect Drive demonstrates its quality right from the start. It handles even the toughest shredding tasks without any loss of performance, giving it scope for future development and job-specific programmes. From shut-down to running at maximum power, the shredding roller gets to work immediately, even under a full load. One of Doppstadt's highest priorities is to reduce exhaust and noise emissions: The INVENTHOR Type 9 meets the Euromot Stage IIIA and IV exhaust emission requirements and will also meet Stage V, when updated. It also performs all its tasks with very little noise. This shredder also features a new range of solutions when it comes to accessibility. The shredding comb provides generous access to the shredding space, meaning tools can be exchanged quickly and ergonomically. Large new glass fibre doors make daily maintenance tasks easier.

Strong and innovative: the name says it all. Doppstadt fused "inventor", representing ingenuity, with "Thor" the Norse god, for strength, when naming the machine. Here, "Thor" stands for Thor's hammer, his magical weapon. At IFAT, Doppstadt will present the INVENTHOR Type 9 to the world. A knock-out machine for the international market: MADE IN GERMANY. Visit the daily live presentations with the INVENTHOR Type 9 at the VDMA "biomass" demo area at IFAT.

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