Poznań International Trade Fair
(October 27-30, 2015) Polonia
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One event in place of a quartet of trade fairs


Poleko, Komtechnika, Gmina and Dworzec – four well-known trade fair events in the industry took place last year for the last time in their old form. Due to re-branding the quartet of trade fairs has been merged into one event – the POL-ECO-SYSTEM International Trade Fair of Technologies and Products for Sustainable Development and Municipal Services (October 27-30, 2015). What do the changes bring?

“What we can observe here is the potential of one. By this I mean not only the merging of four industry events into one, but also improving the approach to environmental protection and sustainable growth as a whole,” says Łukasz Lohr, director of the POL-ECO-SYSTEM trade fair in Poznań. “We are confident that, as is the case in the ecosystem, the new event will facilitate the seamless flow of knowledge and new technologies, becoming an inspiration to implement innovative solutions in the area of environmental protection.”

A revolution in the trade fair halls

Based on the experience of the POLEKO, KOMTECHNIKA, GMINA and DWORZEC trade fairs, the first change was implemented in the area of exposition. During the fair in autumn the exhibitors' offer will be presented as part of 7 complementing exhibitions:

  • AQUA – TECH - Water and sewage management, flood protection
  • GREENPOWER - Clean Energy Exhibition
  • ECO-PROTECT - Environmental Protection Technologies
  • RECYKLING - Waste Management and Recycling Exhibition
  • KOMTECHNIKA - Municipal Technologies Exhibition
  • CITY TRANS PROJEKT - Sustainable Transport
  • SMART REGION - Products and Services for Local Governments Exhibition

This means that technologies and solutions from the water industry, RES and revitalization will complement the knowledge on waste management and minimizing pollution as well as issues concerning the improvement of the functioning of local governments. This trade fair model makes it easier to share experience from all areas related to environmental protection – including the world of business, science, politics, media and opinion leaders. This provides a chance to more fully utilize the educational and business potential of the event.

Exchange of experience

Re-modeling the thematic scope of the POL-ECO-SYSTEM trade fair will also bring changes in the event program. An open debate formula, practical examples, free expert consultation and support of essential partners (government institutions, industry associations and chambers, key media) – are one of the most significant changes in the trade fair program, aiming to expand the knowledge on sustainable growth on different levels of ecology.

The trade fair will also invite new groups of visitors – farmers, foresters, sport facility managers and the largest manufacturing companies.

It is worth emphasizing that thanks to the merging of four industry events, the POL-ECO-SYSTEM trade fair has become the largest event on innovative solutions and technologies in the broadly-defined area of environmental protection in Poland.

The Minister for the Environment has already taken patronage over the POL-ECO-SYSTEM event. The theme of the first edition is “Air protection”.

The POL-ECO-SYSTEM trade fair will take place on October 27-30, 2015, at the Poznań International Trade Fair grounds.